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"The soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears."
~ John Cheney

    The Writing Well

    May 2003 Archives

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    May 11, 2003

    Mother's Day

    For the first time in thirty-three years, I have only one mother to honor on Mother's Day. I have been blessed with three mothers in my lifetime, three women who gave me innumerable gifts of knowledge and wisdom.

    My first mother was my own mother, my birth mother. I inherited many of my talents and interests from my mother. She gave me a love for plants, both indoors and out. (See Article: Passions (Reflections).) She always has a good story to tell or family history to relate and that has shaped my love of writing. From my mother I also gained a love of music and a quirky sense of humor. She has shown me how to be content in the moment while always looking to the future with hope and anticipation.

    My second mother was my stepmother. She entered my life when I was nine and there are many gifts she bestowed upon me. The most important gift was the knowledge and example of what being a mother on a day to day basis really meant. My stepmother also encouraged my love of reading, writing, and history. She taught me how to cook and take care of a house. She also fostered a love of learning and a sense of self-worth in each of her children. Unfortunately her life was cut short (See Article: The Healing Mountain), but her gifts continue to bless my life.

    My third mother was my mother-in-law. Everyone has heard mother-in-law horror stories, but my experience belies those stories. My mother-in-law was a wonderful person who helped smooth my transition from daughter to wife to mother. She showed me what delights are in store when it is time for me to be a grandmother. She showed me that love is unconditional, without expectations and without guilt. She demonstrated how one can live with caring and grace and love. I lost my mother-in-law in November 2000 and her presence has been sorely missed these past years. (See Articles: The Gift of Time and New Year Reflections.)

    I have been truly blessed by three women in my life, three mothers who each gave me the best of themselves. To all of them I wish a Happy Mother's Day with much love and affection!

    May 9, 2003

    Wow! I didn't realize it had been so long since I had last made an entry here. Life has been a whirlwind, to say the least.

    This morning I filled out an "Intro Questionnaire" on a fitness list that I am on. I thought the questions were very good ones and so I am going to post them here, along with my answers, deleting out the ones that are highly personal in nature, like weight and age and address!

    1. First Name: Karen
    2. Is walking your favorite form of exercise? Probably yes, although I love the water and would like to be able to swim each day.
    3. Pets: 1 dog, mixed lab/something - Penny. 6 cats (2 manx): Fluff, Little Bit, Josie, Smokie, Ali, and Amber
    4. Family? Yup. Husband and 3 children (18, 15, and 13)
    5. Favorite Beverage: Mt. Dew!!!! And Root Beer. And pineapple juice. But I've had only water since October 1, 2002.
    6. Favorite saying: I don't think I have a favorite saying. Likely my kids would say differently.
    7. What's underneath your bed? Oh god. Suitcases with stuff in stored in them, boxes with keepsakes in them, and lots and lots of dust!
    8. Worst feeling: Having people upset around me, thinking there is going to be harsh words said, or worse, that I will have to say them.
    9. Best Feeling: Hmmm... not sure about one best feeling. I don't think I can name just one.
    10. Favorite Vegetable: LOL! Maybe broccoli with cheese sauce? No, asparagus!! Oh, no, fresh corn on the cob, Bodacious corn on the cob like we used to grow. Yum!
    11. Memory you miss the most: A place? A person? Some thing? Gosh, what a tough question. I don't think I can answer this one.
    12. What's on your mouse pad? My mouse!
    13. Favorite sound: The roar of surf or the gurgling of water in a stream, for a nature sound. Oh, and the sound of wind through the pines. And then there's the sound of acoustic guitar and fiddle playing bluegrass or celtic
    14. Favorite smell: Chocolate, vanilla, coconut. Lilacs in blossom. Corn silking on a hot summer day. Fresh, juicy strawberries.
    15. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Somewhere warmer and sunnier, where it never drops below 50 during the day and there's no chance of snow. Maybe near the ocean. Definitely near a pool where I can swim each day.
    16. Who do u wanna give a big hug? My daughter, but she's not taking hugs from me right now. Only from her boyfriend.
    17. Do you get motion sickness? Yes
    18. Do you prefer a pen or pencil? Pen
    19. How many rings before you answer the phone? 3 so that the answering machine doesn't pick it up, IF I'm going to answer it.
    20. If you could meet any one person in the world, who would it be? This was the hardest question for me - I had to answer all the others and I still can't answer this one. I'm not sure I have just one person. Maybe Queen Elizabeth I. No, I think Louisa May Alcott. Or Mark Twain. Nope, definitely LMA.
    21. If you could have any occupation when you get older what would it be? A travel writer/photographer
    22. If you could get a tattoo what and where would it be? Ack! Well, not that I've ever wanted one, but maybe a rosebud on an ankle.
    23. Glass half empty or half full? Half full, of course. You only ever fill it half full when you have children around!
    24. Do you daydream? Oh yes. Lots.
    25. What is your favorite meal? Lasagna with lots of meat and cheese. Cheesecake with fresh strawberries. Chocolate mint ice cream. Tossed salad with Italian dressing. Lobster drenched in butter. Shrimp Scampi and fresh corn on the cob.
    26. What is the first thing of the opposite sex that you notice? Gosh, just general overall attitude - how they hold themselves, present themselves, I think.
    27. Other than weight/physical condition, is there anything else you would change about yourself? Physically? No. I'd love to have more talent musically, be able to play an instrument for a living.
    28. Do/did you eat fried chicken with a fork or with your fingers? I don't eat fried chicken anymore. But if I were to do so, it would probably be with fingers, unless I was in a ritzy place, and then I'd use the fork.
    29. What music do you listen to? Lots of types. Oldies. Celtic. New age. Acoustic, country, bluegrass, electronic. Some current pop stuff. Classical. Almost anything except rap and hard rock.
    30. Say something about the most important person/spouse/significant other/etc/ who has been in your life. *The* most important person? That would have to be my husband. As aggravated as I get sometimes about things he does or doesn't do, and as much as I wished he could change some things about himself, he is still my friend and companion and I love him dearly. When I've needed him the most, he's been there for me.
    31. What do you like to read, any fav books or Authors? Historical fiction, although I'll read most anything. I have too many favorite authors. #1 on the list would likely be Sharon Kay Penman, although I could add James Michener, Leon Uris, Jack Clancy, Bertrice Small, Robert Ludlum and too many to enumerate.
    32. What is your favorite color? Blue. It's always been blue. Although the older I get, green is getting closer and closer to tieing blue as my favorite. The color of life, the color of spring.
    33. What is one childish thing you love to do? Lick batter off from beaters.
    34. What do you do on a rainy day? Clean! LOL! I don't know why but I always feel like cleaning and washing windows on a rainy day. Maybe because it's so dreary that I think it'll brighten things up if the windows are cleaner.

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