Evergreen Christian Academy Co-op is an Alabama homeschool co-operative. Evergreen Christian Academy Co-op, based in Mobile, provides classes for those wishing to home educate in the Mobile and Baldwin counties and surrounding areas.

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The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Evergreen Christian Academy Co-op

    Contact info:
    Telephone: 251-366-0811
    E-mail: Brooke Duggan
    Administrator's Name: Brooke Duggan
    Website URL: Evergreen Christian Academy
    Location (mailing address): St. Mark United Methodist Church, 439 Azalea Rd., Mobile, AL 36609
    Office hours (for phone contact): 9am - 7pm

    Nearest Metropolitan area (for classification purposes)

    Does one need to be a member of any particular church school?
    No, however members of Evergreen Christian Academy get first choice on classes before registration is opened to the general public.

    Does one need to be a member of any particular faith?
    No, however ECA Co-op is decidedly Christian, with Christian, Biblical, and Creation based classes.

    Is a Statement of Faith Required?
    ECA Co-op does not require a Statement of Faith, but our Co-op is decidedly Christian, with Christian, Biblical, and Creation based classes.

    General description (or Mission Statement)
    Our goal and mission is to offer very high quality classes, in a friendly safe environment.

    Is there a Dress Code?
    Parents and students should wear appropriate, modest clothing.

    Enrollment area
    Mostly Mobile & Baldwin counties, but anyone within driving distance is welcome.

    Level of Parental Involvement
    A parent is required to either teach, help in a class room, or sign up for others jobs available such as AM Set Up Team, Cafeteria Clean-Up team, PM Tear Down/Clean Up Team.

    Ages of Children Accepted
    2yrs old - 12th grade

    Frequency of Meeting: Once a week
    Day(s) of the week: Thursday
    Number of weeks: 12 weeks in the Fall and 12 weeks in the Spring (2 Sessions)

    Classes (Subjects) Offered: Varies from year to year, but here's an example of classes offered:
    Preschool - Learning centers including hands-on math, art, music, story time, crafts, and time on the playground.
    K5 - 2nd - Art, Music, Science Experiments, Literature
    3rd - 5th - Art, History, Science Exploration, Literature
    6th - 8th - General Science lab, History, Art, Creative Writing
    9th - 12th - Biology lab, Grammar & Writing, Consumer Math, Government

    Semester Registration fee will be $20 per child (up to three children).
    Semester Building fee will be $25 per family for ECA members.
    Semester Building fee will be $50.00 per family for non-members.
    Supply fees are set by each teacher.
    Contract teachers will set their own fee schedule. (ie. Ballet, Karate, Guitar, etc.)

    Additional Rules and/or Restrictions

    Additional Info

    Information here last verified on 06/27/13.

    The co-operative listed has provided LeapingFromTheBox.com with this description. Should you have questions about a description, please contact the individual co-op. If you find contact information that is no longer valid, please e-mail LeapingFromTheBox.com. No permission is given to use this description elsewhere. Please contact the individual co-op if you wish to use their description for your own personal web site or publication.

    LeapingFromTheBox.com does not endorse any co-op. Inclusion here is solely for informational purposes.

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