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We worry about what a child will be tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today.
~ Stacie Tauscher

    Australian Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters
    I - Z

    learning_4_life (Learning 4 Life) - A group of Home Educating Families living in and surrounding Brisbane whose Primary Focus is to support each other in our decision to Home Educate our children. This group welcomes anyone who is interested in learning more about Home Education or is wanting to meet with other Home Educators on a regular basis.

    We are a diverse group of families with different learning styles, personal philosophies and religious beliefs our common denominator is our Choice to Home Educate. We meet regularly to share our ideas and thoughts on Home Educating and to participate in various activities organised by members of the group.

    To subscribe, visit Learning 4 Life.

    learningnaturally (Natural Learning) - Are you interested in the concept of Natural Learning? We are a group of families who are allowing their children to learn naturally without schooling. Our aim is to cooperatively widen our understanding of how learning occurs naturally in the home and community, and to share advice, tips, trials and tribulations so that we may all grow!

    Natural learning is building family, and then community, and places emphasises on the development of beneficial and co-operative relationships and associations. It is not something you can do with your child. Natural learning is what happens anyway, despite what you do. Natural learning is what we allow to happen - not what we make or create. Learning is a process, not a product or outcome.

    Natural learning follows closely the patterns of activity already existing in daily life, building a rich and comprehensive educational experience. Children become intimately involved in all aspects of family life, often including family working life. They are not closeted away from the world of adults, but are welcomed, in 'apprenticeship' roles, and valued greatly for their contributions. Where skills and knowledge are needed, within these rich social contexts, resources are always found.

    "What we need to do, and all we need to do, is bring as much of the world as we can into their lives; give them as much help and guidance as they ask for; listen respectfully when they feel like talking; and then get out of the way. We can trust them to do the rest." - Lisa Wood

    Natural learning ... allowing the process of learning to occur, unhindered by interference, in a social context where the learner is not isolated from the world of meaningful action. Natural learning ... is simply following common sense.

    Homeschool Australia has over 200 articles on all aspects of educating your children at home.

    To subscribe, visit Natural Learning.

    muslimhomed (Muslim Home Education Network Australia) - Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu. Muslim Home Education Network Australia invites all Muslim Home Educators or Muslim Women living in Australia who are actively seeking information on homeschooling to join our Australian based list.

    If you have been homeschooling for a day or many years come join this friendly group of sisters in order to support one another, share ideas, information and resources.

    We are happy to help setup and support interstate networks and support groups for Muslim home educators who may also participate by notifying members Australia wide of various activities being held for the benefit of our beloved children.

    The success of our families depends on how we all help each other. Come and be a part of our wonderful homeschool list.

    This list is restricted to Muslim WOMEN ONLY who live in Australia.

    Please Visit Our Homepages for up - to - date Information
    Muslim Home education Network Australia
    Home Education

    To subscribe, visit Muslim Home Education Network Australia.

    Perth Homeschoolers - Perth Homeschoolers is an online forum for homeschoolers in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

    To subscribe, visit Perth Homeschoolers.

    PHENetworking (Perth Home Ed Networking List) - A meeting place for home educators in Perth. The Perth Home Ed List is a place to share information on what is happening in and around Perth and to connect with other homeschoolers in WA.

    Let others know about something you are organising or find out about the excellent activities offered for children in and around Perth.

    To keep the list relevant, useful and free of spam there might be a slight delay before messages reach all the list members.

    PHENetworking is a low volume list specifically for news and information about events, activities, and to make contact with other home educators. With this in mind please reply directly to the activity organiser or the person wishing make contact with other home based learners. To simplify this, replies to emails from the PHEN list will automatically be directed to the author of the email you are responding to.

    To subscribe, visit Perth Home Ed Networking List.

    Qldhomeschoolers (Homeschooling in Queensland Oz) - For anyone interested in or currently homeschooling their children in Queensland Australia. To give support for all those moments of insecurity and to advertise all those wonderful items that may assist others as they did you.

    To subscribe, visit Homeschooling in Queensland Oz.

    Rockpool Homeschool - A Support Forum, free blogs for homeschooling parents, curriculum and product reviews tailored to the unique needs of Australian and New Zealand homeschoolers, classified ads as well as events & meet ups!

    For more information, visit Rockpool Homeschool.

    secular_unschooling_australia (Secular Unschooling Australia) - This is a group where members can discuss learning and unschooling, share resources and offer support to each other as we guide our children down the life long learning path.

    The group is secular in nature. Anyone who is happy to respect this, is welcome to join. Religion is not "off topic" as such, however challenging others belief systems or repeated religious rhetoric is not welcomed. Things that we do chat about include unschooling, natural learning, natural living, positive parenting and all manner of family issue's. As learning from our every day life is such a broad subject not very much is considered "off topic". However, debates that become personal will not be tolerated.

    To subscribe, visit Secular Unschooling Australia.

    SouthEastQLDHomeschoolers (South East QLD Homeschoolers) - This is a group for homeschooling parents all around South East Queensland to share on outings and things going on in the area that will benifit other homschooling families. Feel free to share or even organise things together. Please no personal information on this site other than email addresses.

    To subscribe, visit South East QLD Homeschoolers.

    sydneypreschoolersathome (sydney preschoolers at home) - This group is for families in the Sydney region wanting suport, networking and friendships for their pre school aged children. Home schooling is of particular interest.

    To subscribe, visit sydney preschoolers at home.

    VHSG - This is a support group for parents in Victoria Australia who are homeschooling primarily because of their children's giftedness. Parents of gifted children who are considering homeschooling are also welcome.

    To subscribe, visit VHSG.

    waldorfhomeschool (Waldorf Inspired Homeschool Support) - The Waldorf Inspired Homeschool Support list is a place for Australian families of similar interests to come together. To make contact with others who are already homeschooling or would like to know more about Waldorf Inspired Homeschooling. To enable like minded people to share ideas and just for general support. This site can be also be used to make contact with other families in areas close to you to form your own support networks if you wish.

    For more information, visit Jones Family Homeschool - Waldorf Inspired Homeschool Support.

    To subscribe, visit Waldorf Inspired Homeschool Support.

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