Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in Indiana (the Hoosier state, including Anderson, Batesville, Bedford, Bloomfield, Bloomington, Brookville, Calumet, Chicago (Illinois), Cincinnati (Ohio), Dearborn, Dillsboro, Elkhart, Ellettsville, Evansville, Fishers, Fort Wayne, Granger, Greenfield, Greenwood, Indianapolis, Kentuckiana, LaGrange, Lawrenceburg, Louisville (Kentucky), Michiana, Mooresville, Mt. Vernon, Muncie, Nashville, Newburgh, New Harmony, Owen, South Bend, Spencer, Terre Haute, Unionville, Valparaiso and Zionsville. Locate fellow homeschoolers. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.
~ Buckminster Fuller

    Indiana Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters (G - H)

    Greenfieldcoop (Greenfield Homeschooling Co-op) - This is a email list for families attending the homeschooling co-op at Park Chapel Church in Greenfield, Indiana. This will be a great way to keep up with what's going on at the co-op. This group may be used for making any co-op announcements, asking questions, sharing jokes, prayer requests or praises, or just a way to be there for each other. We all know homeschooling can get lonely at times and we could all use encouragement to keep us going through the week.

    To Subscribe, visit Greenfieldcoop.

    GSBR1769 (Kentuckianna Brownie Girl Scouts) - Homeschooling Brownie/Daisy Girl Scouts from Southern Indiana and Kentucky. Our bi-monthly meetings (Sept-May) are scheduled and coordinated alongside two other Homeschool troops of Juniors and Cadettes. We are VERY PARENT INVOLVED troops! And family friendly as many of us have several children of various ages and both genders.

    To Subscribe, visit GSBR1769.

    GSJR1675 (Kentuckianna Junior Girl Scouts) - Homeschooling Junior Girl Scouts from Southern Indiana and Kentucky. Our bi-monthly meetings (Sept-May) are scheduled and coordinated alongside two other Homeschool troops of Daisy/Brownies and Cadettes. We are VERY parent involved troops! And family friendly as many of us have several children of various ages and both genders.

    To Subscribe, visit GSJR1675.

    HFHG (HomeForHisGlory) - HomeForHisGlory is a list for Christian Homeschoolers in the Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas. This is a place to share homeschool ideas, questions, field trips, prayer requests and discuss issues related to homeschool families... a place to build one another up in our efforts to teach our children in Christian homes. This list includes many denominations of Christians and is not a place for doctrinal debate, however we do have a general Statement of Faith. Upon requesting membership, you will receive TWO letters from the listowner. To become a member, you must respond with: 1) your agreement in our Statement of Faith and 2)your letter of introduction to the listowner.

    For more information, visit Home For His Glory, Inc..

    To Subscribe, visit HFHG.

    HGH_homeschool_co-op - Home Grown Hearts Homeschool Learning CO-OP. Families learning together to train, teach and prepare the hearts of their children for Jesus Christ.

    Homegrown hearts is a group of home educating families who have decided to use their gifts and talents in a cooperative way to provide mutual encouragement, social interaction between children in a parent supervised environment, and join efforts in providing classes and stimulating learning opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to meet.

    We are located in LaPorte County, North West Indiana.

    Please note that you must be a member of the HGH Co-op in order to access this website.

    To Subscribe, visit HGH_homeschool_co-op.

    homelearningnews (Home Learning News) - Welcome all who are learning and/or teaching!! Share any helpful or encouraging or interesting or just fun information. Gain any information or fellowship from the rest of the group also. Message posts are varied. Some are local about an area where many of the members live. Many of the members are homeschoolers, though not all. Just a love or need for learning is a common thread through our group. We are a family friendly website and messages must be family friendly and not spam nor rudeness. All levels of learning and teaching are posted about, from preschool to college and adult, and including special needs. We include academics, homeschooling, hobbies, current events, inspiration, music, art, crafts.. many subjects. Reviews of books, movies, and products are welcome. Sharing about trips or conferences attended, too. How-tos, questions, unusual finds...share or ask or just read. Uplifting, edifying, and also informing is the reason, so you don't have to post, but know that it is most welcome if you do!!

    To Subscribe, visit homelearningnews.

    HomeschoolCOCO (Homeschool Connection and Communication) - Connecting Delaware County homeschoolers with their community...and with each other.

    HomeschoolCOCO is an active networking e-community serving homeschoolers in Delaware County and surrounding counties.

    Our membership includes a wide variety of home educators, local and state support group leadership, and representatives from community organizations.

    Our goal is to make it easy for any homeschooler, new or experienced, to plug into the rich homeschooling environment that exists in Delaware County and East Central Indiana.

    To Subscribe, visit HomeschoolCOCO.

    homeschoolhub (Homeschoolers United, Inc.) - Homeschoolers United is a group of homeschoolers in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana that are starting a new kind of homeschool group. We are a non-profit corporation with a mission to be an information clearinghouse for local homeschool groups and individual homeschoolers, and to provide a place for meetings and enrichment opportunites. We want to bring the local homeschool community closer, sharing activities and resources. This list is just part of our group. We also have an offline support group that meets for social time, fun activities and learning experiences. We have a physical location called the Homeschool HUB, or Homeschoolers United Building located in Niles, Michigan. Welcome to our list! We have open membership, anyone may join. After clicking on the join link and following the yahoo procedures, send an e-mail message describing yourself and your connection to homeschooling to the list so we may all get to know you and you family. Current, former and prospective homeschoolers are welcome. After joining you may read our Statement of Purpose in the files section to learn more about us. If you are interested in joining our offline group look in the files section on "How to become member of the Homeschool HUB."

    For more information, visit The Homeschool HUB.

    To Subscribe, visit homeschoolhub.

    homeschool-in-southern-indiana (Home School in Southern Indiana) - Home School in Southern Indiana and Kentucky is for home school families in all southern Indiana, and Kentucky, including but not limited to Evansville,Vanderburgh County, Posey County, New Harmony, Mt. Vernon, Newburgh, Spencer County, Gibson County, Owensboro and Henderson, Kentucky. We'll be sharing upcoming events, home school ideas, and websites relevent to home schooling.

    To Subscribe, visit homeschool-in-southern-indiana.

    HomeSchoolKy (Hardin Co. Inclusive Homeschoolers ~HIH~) - We are an INCLUSIVE homeschool support group in the Fort Knox, Kentucky area. Everyone is welcomed with open arms.

    HIH is a "non-directed" organization. There are no appointed leaders. This group depends on the active involvement of its members. Any member, including brand new members, is encouraged to set up park days, play dates, field trips, informational classes, crafts or holiday/seasonal events.

    To Subscribe, visit HomeSchoolKy.

    Homeschoolrecycle (Northwest Indiana Homeschool Recycle) - This is a Christian based group for Northwest Indiana(Lake & Porter County) Homeschool parents. The purpose is to pass down educational material and/or any other items that you may no longer be using but may benefit other families instead of being thrown away. This group is also an outlet to meet other homeschool familes in our area and a way to encourage, support and inform each other about homeschool issues. WE GO ON MONTHLY FIELD TRIPS AND SOCIAL OUTINGS DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR.


    • You must be a current Christian homeschool family in Northwest Indiana (Lake or Porter Counties)
    • Must fill out a membership form.
    • Become an active member by attending field trips, posting items, giving feedback, participating in group.

    To Subscribe, visit Homeschoolrecycle.

    HomeschoolResourceLink (So. Central Indiana Homeschool Resources) - This announcement-only group offers homeschool support to south-central Indiana families looking for community resources and activities that may assist them in their homeschooling. For the purposes of this list, south-central will mean southern Marion County and Johnson and Shelby Counties, though announcements from surrounding areas may also be included.

    Posts will include (but not necessarily be limited to) educational, recreational, political and sometimes religious activities. While this list will not be used for individuals or businesses to buy and sell products or curriculum, posts advertising used curriculum sales sponsored by homeschool groups will be accepted.

    While we respect and encourage all private school options, the scope of this list will not include promoting such endeavors. We will, however post announcements of co-ops, local tutoring services and individual classes. Attachments are not accepted. Location and contact information must be included in each message.

    While homeschoolers of all persuasions are welcome to join and benefit from this group, members will understand that the moderators are Christians and posts that conflict with the Christian faith or the moderators’ personal convictions may not be approved. There will likely be occasional posts that conflict with various members doctrinal or personal beliefs. While being sensitive to differences of opinion and conviction, the moderators will not be obligated to offer further explanation than is stated here for accepting or rejecting posts. This list is a generous free service and all are kindly asked to respect the final decision of the moderators.

    Moderator-approved posts are not to be construed as moderator-endorsed. Members are responsible for researching anything they are considering involving their family in. Please let the moderators know if you encounter problems with anything that has been posted.

    For more information, visit Region 6, Indiana Association of Home Educators.

    To Subscribe, visit HomeschoolResourceLink.

    hsLIFE (Learning In a Family Environment) - hsLIFE is an inclusive group that has monthly meetings and contact support for new members. We are dedicated to providing support for homeschooling families, coordinating field trips, and sharing information among the homeschoolers in or near Porter County, Indiana. This group is NOT designed to be a chat room. We have an additional group designed with that feature in mind for hsLIFE members only. Our committees include: book sale, citizenship and safety, co-op, party, and science fair. We have many great links, databases, and files.

    We are also offering high school homeschool students the opportunity to actively participate within our meetings as an acting student council!

    All members are required to plan or assist in planning one event or field trip per "school year" or participate on a committee to remain in the group. All members must also commit to attending a summer planning meeting to arrange future activities.

    To Subscribe, visit hsLIFE.

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    This is an ongoing project - please check back often for updates.

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Let's talk about learning and education as it should be, as it can be!

Fun with the Family Indiana
by Margaret Gisler
"Contains plenty of information on children's museums, family hiking trails, festivals, amusement parks, and other fun things to do in the Hoosier State." --Chicago Tribune

Rail-Trails Midwest Great Lakes
Rails-To-Trails Conservancy Guidebooks
With 120 rural, suburban, and urban trails threading through nearly 2300 miles, Rail-Trails Midwest: Great Lakes covers Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

The Teenage Liberation Handbook
How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
by Grace Llewellyn
For everyone who has ever gone to school or is interested in the current national debate over educational reforms, but it is especially relevant for teenagers and the parents or caregivers of teens.

Lake Michigan Backroads
Your Guide to Wild and Scenic Adventures in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana

by Robert W. Domm
Here are 19 backroads drives around Lake Michigan, showing you the grand lake as never before in this richly illustrated exploration of the Great Lake’s history, culture, ecology, and natural beauty. The big blue inland sea--the only Great Lake entirely within U.S. borders--appears here in all its natural diversity.

Indiana (Hello USA series)
by Gwenyth Swain
An introduction to the land, history, people, economy, and environment of Indiana.

The Complete Home Learning Source Book
The Essential Resource Guide for Homeschoolers, Parents, and Educators Covering Every Subject from Arithmetic to Zoology

by Rebecca Rupp
This ambitious reference guide lives up to its name. Practically three inches thick--and we're not talking large print here--it's packed with titles, ordering information, and Web site addresses. From where to send away for a kit to make your own Chilean rain stick to how to order a set of Elizabethan costume paper dolls, the book connects families to a world of learning possibilities. Book titles, short synopses, authors' names, publishers, and years of print make up the bulk of the guide.

In Lincoln’s Footsteps
A Historical Guide to the Lincoln Sites in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky

by Don Davenport
The book features more than 25 sites, including a fascinating summary of historical events that took place at each site and a detailed description of the site as it is today. This is the ultimate guide for travelers seeking a greater appreciation for the lands of Lincoln.

H Is For Hoosier
An Indiana Alphabet
by Cynthia Furlong Reynolds
Indiana is called the Hoosier State and its people are known as Hoosiers, although historians don't really know why. They do, however, have several ideas about the origins of the famous nickname. Children can learn these origins and other facts about the Hoosier state in H is for Hoosier: An Indiana Alphabet.

Dumbing Us Down
The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

by John Taylor Gatto
In this tenth-anniversary edition, Gatto updates his theories on how the U.S. educational system cranks out students the way Detroit cranks out Buicks. He contends that students are more programmed to conform to economic and social norms rather than really taught to think.

The Well-Trained Mind
A Guide to Classical Education at Home

by Susan Wise Bauer
An excellent resource for any family with a desire to incorporate a classical education in their home.

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