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One must learn by doing the thing. For though you think you know it,
you have no certainty until you try.
~ Sophocles

    Miscellaneous Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters
    E - Hol

    ece-learningresources (Learning Resources for toddlers - 8 yo) - Find educational resources for toddlers through 8 years old. Please feel free to post: themes, ideas, recipes, educational links or anything that will help a child have fun as s/he is learning.

    To Subscribe, visit Learning Resources.

    Elementary-Lesson-Share (Elementary Lesson Plans, Ideas, Links... ) - Elementary-Lesson-Share (E-L-S) was originally created so that teachers and student-teachers could share their lesson plans and units. Over time it has evolved to be a broader forum for exchanging classroom tips, resources, and ideas. It also has sister mailrings/sites that focus on specific grade levels, e.g., third-grade-teachers.

    (A complete list of these grade level support groups names url addresses is included in the links section).

    Be sure to check out our group's archives where you can view the links, files, past messages. etc. Join in the collective exchange of information as soon as you feel comfortable with the process.

    To Subscribe, visit Elementary-Lesson-Share.

    EnchantingInk_HomeschoolCo-Op (Sci-Fi/Fiction/Fantasy& Myth Lover's HS) - A diverse Homeschooling Cooperative for those families that love all things Fiction: Science Fiction (Especially Star Wars!!!), Fantasy, Magic & Myths,Time Travel, Animal heroes, plus those Fiction serials that we all love... like the Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, and so on all the way to The Dragon Slayers' Academy, & the Magic Tree House books.

    These are the stories that capture our minds & hearts and deserve a place in our Homeschooing Curriculums. This site is for parents to swap ideas on how to use these topics in homeschooling making "school"fun for all of us. We will be creating a collective pool of information to pull from and creating a unique group of friends.

    We broke the "topics" out into other Yahoo Groups because the files/links got overwhelming. This will make it much easier to locate topics of interest. This is our main chat page, the other sites have topic based discussions & info: ex. mysteries or fantasy, to history or math/science/magic trick oriented pages. E.I.'s other Yahoo Groups are listed in the files area.

    Local members(near Andrew's Air Force Base,MD -Southern MD, DC & Upper VA is close) can get together for occasional fieldtrips/playdates, while the non-local (virtual) members can link up for online discussions of topics as well. I would like to do online book chats eventually for parents & kids. Books & downloads can be posted & a discussion time set -either by email threads on the topic or live chat. Kids can read/be read to/audio books -whatever helps to be prepared. Help in setting these up would be highly appreciated. Also online scavenger hunts.

    We'd love Craft Project ideas,Dioramas pics/ideas, share Recipe/Party ideas that go with our fave Fictional themes, fave book & authors lists (for kids & adults), plus fave movies + reviews, gaming (board/card/video), Anime, Animation, comic books, graphic novels, & cartoons.

    We see a big gap in the homeschooling community in utilizing Science Fiction & Fantasy as a legitimate theme for homeschooling curriculums. Please feel free to add to all of our sites.

    To Subscribe, visit EnchantingInk_HomeschoolCo-Op.

    entrepreneursathome (Entrepreneurs at Home) - If you are an entrepreneur and are ready to do something big with your life, boy, have we got a group for you!

    Entrepreneurs of all ages have been sharing their philosophies, project ideas, successes, and questions on this list since 2002. We've written an ebook, created an annual international conference ( have seen several members launch successful Internet careers.

    We love to talk about selling on eBay, investing in real estate and learning to market on the Internet.

    And now we have once again made history by turning this very group into a product you can offer and earn a 50% affiliate commission on. We recently moved to a real site hosted by Sharyn Law-Davis of Australia!

    Entrepreneurs At Home is where we continue to share in a private forum and we'd love to have you join us!.

    Our new site even has an affiliate program so you can invite your friends to join and earn passive residual income as long as they are members!

    Many of the regular posters here are Guest Experts at the new site and have posted wonderful articles.

    This quote sent in by Elizabeth, one of our members, characterizes who we are:
    "I hope you never again think of faithfully serving God as merely not sinning a lot, doing 'business as usual,' or just not quitting. True faithfulness as a steward is much closer to extraordinary entrepreneurial excellence!"
    ~~Bruce Wilkinson in A Life God Rewards

    If you are ready to change your life and do something meaningful while working toward financial freedom, join us at our new location: Entrepreneurs At Home.

    It may just change your life, too! Rhea! Owner

    To Subscribe, visit Entrepreneurs at Home.

    EverythingArt - I am a interested in discussing art in education. How other subjects can be taught through art, how arts and crafts can be used in the classroom to aid in teaching other subjects. I am looking for ways to teach all subjects through art, music, dance and drama and would love to have others to share ideas with and ask questions of. The list is open to anyone interested in or involved in education; homeschoolers, parents, teacher, college students etc...

    To Subscribe, visit EverythingArt.

    Freedom in Education Newsletter - The education e-newsletter has now entered its fifth year and during this time over 2000 people have subscribed; to be added to the mailing list, simply enter your e-mail address in the box above. Our hope in creating it has been to make parents aware that when it comes to educating their children they do have a choice.

    There are many articles on alternatives to regular schooling, as well as all the back issues of the newsletter, each one of which contains an article about various aspects of learning at home.

    For more information, visit

    To Subscribe, visit freedom-ineducation e-newsletter.

    FreeThinking-HomeEducators (Free-Thinking Home-Educating Families) - What's a FREETHINKER? "a person who forms opinions about religion (and life decisions) on the basis of reason, independent of tradition, authority, or established belief"

    What's Freethought? Means that all ideas and beliefs are open for discussion.

    What's a FreeThinking Person? A person willing to look at both sides of an issue make an informed decision as to what must be true for them regardless of the beliefs they started out.

    By those definitions, any person could be a Freethinker, from Atheists to Christians.

    You will find tolerance respect for all beliefs. But be prepared to be questioned about them.

    This is a discussion list for homeschoolers- eclectic, unschooler, natural learners, classical or whatever else fits what you do to educate your children at home. We are all doing the same thing in the end: trying to provide the best education possible for the ones we love most.

    Anything related to homeschooling is appropriate, which is life so all discussion is on topic! Discussions of differing opinions can be done with respect dignity. Let's keep this a positive place for interaction.

    NOTE: Members who proselytize or degrade others for their beliefs repeatedly will be first moderated and then removed.

    To Subscribe, visit Free-Thinking Home-Educating Families.

    H-a-M (Homeschooling after Midnight) - This is a virtual support group for homeschoolers who don't keep conventional hours.

    A member said it so well, "It works for us, but most everyone I know thinks we're nuts and "wasting the whole day" when we sleep until 10:30 or 11. I think they are "wasting the whole night" when they go to bed at 9! Nice to meet all of you. Wendy

    As with all groups, show respect for others in how you post.

    To Subscribe, visit Homeschooling after Midnight.

    Happyhomeschoolers (Happy Homeschoolers) - We are a group with no boundaries. There is no limit to how far we will travel to make friends. It is not meant to be political in any way. It is a place for moms and dads to exchange homeschooling information. Whether you live in Georgia or Hawaii, this will be a place to connect with like minded people. Is there a way to run a business from home and homeschool at the same time? This is the place to find people who do just that. Need a craft idea or classroom decorating idea? Just ask! What can I make for dinner? That too can be answered here. It is all about connecting with other home school families. Nothing more - nothing less.

    To Subscribe, visit Happy Homeschoolers.

    HogwartsSCS (HogwartsSummerCorrespondenceSchool) - FOR PARENTS & EDUCATORS ONLY. A group for homeschooling parents who would like to provide a fun and educational experience for their kids during the summer in the form of the (fictitious) Hogwarts Summer Correspondence School. A place to exchange ideas and share activities related to the Harry Potter Books.

    All activities are for educational purposes only. Often an activity has been modified from the original source. No infringement of copyrights is meant and all materials contained herein are for educational purposes. When at all possible the original source of an activity has been cited. The editors and authors of HSCS files grant permission to photocopy the contents or copy these files for educational purposes as defined by the corresponding Copyright and Fair Use laws.

    The Hogwarts Summer Correspondence School is an unofficial site and is in no way connected with J.K. Rowling, Scholastic Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, Warner Brothers, or any other official entity. It is not endorsed by any of the aforementioned parties. Rights to characters and their images is neither claimed nor implied.

    The contents of the text or graphic files contained within the Hogwarts Summer Correspondence School are not to be duplicated or posted within another website or discussion group.

    To Subscribe, visit HogwartsSummerCorrespondenceSchool.

    HOLISTIC_LEARNING (HOLISTIC LEARNING) - A group for educators, parents and homeschoolers interested in exploring topics related to learning in a holistic atmosphere.

    What is holistic education? Its a term used for educational philosophies that seek to reach children on all levels, intellectually, socially, spiritually, and physically. Wether you're interested in community based education, montessori, waldorf, reggio emilia, enki, charlotte mason, free schools, or unschooling this is a place to pool resources.

    Want to debate philosophies, discuss the pros and cons of existing pedagogies, or muse about creating new ones? As long as its respectful, its welcome here.

    To Subscribe, visit HOLISTIC LEARNING.

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