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A student should not be taught more than he can think about.
~ Alfred North Whitehead

    New Mexico Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters
    M - Z

    NewMexicoHomeschoolCommunity (New Mexico Homeschool Community Group) - This list is designed for New Mexico homeschoolers as an on-line community & resource for open-minded homeschoolers in the state who are interested in participating in a community that represents a diverse range of religious, political and philosophical beliefs. Our community also represents a wide range of ethnic groups, education levels, and socio-economic classes. The one thing we have in common is an interest in trying to do what is best for our children and our family and home school.

    We will do our best to connect the NM homeschooling community with groups and postings of events throughout the state.

    We welcome all homeschoolers - no matter what your style. Our intent is to provide a community where members can feel free to share homeschooling ideas and resources, ask questions, invite and announce homeschool activities and find encouragement and positive attitudes!

    We are not a group that meets for playdates or requires membership, although we hope that members can connect and find their niche in this wonderful community!

    Join the NM Homeschool Community Group if:

    • You are homeschooling or considering homeschooling in the State of New Mexico
    • You are interested in finding out about activities and outings to participate in with other homeschoolers
    • You agree to abide by the guidelines which require respect for other members and prohibit using the list for promoting a business or particular religious or political agenda.

    We encourage our members to post about upcoming events. Also, if you are a Mom or Dad that offers special classes or activity (such as music lessons or language class - please feel free to post announcements here!)

    Welcome to our community!
    New Mexico Homeschool Community Blog & Calendar of Activities
    New Mexico Homeschool Community Website

    To Subscribe, visit New Mexico Homeschool Community Group.

    NMPaganParents (NM Pagan Parents) - A support and networking list for pagan parents and pagan home educators in New Mexico. For the protection of members and their families, membership must be approved (through completing a brief questionnaire)by list moderator.

    To Subscribe, visit NM Pagan Parents.

    OLEofNM - OLE-O.L.E. stands for Outer Limits Educators, referring to those on the Outer Limits of the greater Albuquerque area. This list is meant to provide East Mountain, and rural homeschoolers with secular and all-inclusive resources. All New Mexicans thinking of homeschooling, or any homeschoolers thinking of moving to New Mexico are welcome to join. Regardless of race, religion, or educational style, all are welcome.

    OLE's purpose is to provide homeschoolers with connections to others in the East Mountains, and rural areas east of Albuquerque. Everyone is encouraged to jump in and set up your own activities, play dates, and so forth. Or simply tag along if you prefer.

    This list has restricted membership only to keep out spam. Please include a brief message pertaining to homeschooling when submitting your request to join.

    To Subscribe, visit OLE of NM.

    PACT Homeschool (Parents And Children Together and/or Portales And Clovis Together) - We are an informal, loosely organized support group for homeschooled and unschooled families in our area. We do not have a website, but we do send out regular e-mail updates with information on when and where we are gathering, field trips, opportunities for homeschooled families and a regularly-updated calendar of area events. To be added to the list, simply send a request to There is no cost and no obligation.

    For more information, email

    Rocky Mountain Education Connection (RMEC) - Your friendly, inclusive network for homeschooling and unschooling information in Colorado and surrounding states (Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming). Need learning ideas, legal or support networks? Inspiration? A little humor in your day? We have that, too!

    For more information, visit Rocky Mountain Education Connection (RMEC).

    SantaFeHomeschoolAssociation (Santa Fe Homeschool Association) - Welcome! Santa Fe Homeschool Association is an inclusive, cooperative group who has been around for many years, offering support to homeschooling families residing in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. The SFHA is comprised of families of many different faiths, beliefs, creeds, and walks of life, and is open to all homeschool families regardless of educational methods or religious beliefs, just as it always has been from it's conception.

    As a cooperative, we rely on the generosity of parents to volunteer, organize, and coordinate events. Everyone's suggestions, ideas, efforts, and plans are welcome. Cooperative participation ensures regular events within the group. Events and activities depend upon our parents.

    Activites in the past have included: homeschool 4-H club, Field Trips, Parent Support Meetings, occasional Classes, Clubs, Annual Science Fair, Parties, End or Beginning of Year Family Picnics, Musical & Theatrical Events, Weekly Ice Skating, Park Days, and a Teen Group.

    Feel free to post questions and/or information relevant to home education and family. The group's main goal is to offer support. Spamming and/or flamming is explicitly prohibited here. Please conduct yourself in a courteous manner.

    Best wishes for a happy and successful homeschool journey!

    To Subscribe, visit Santa Fe Homeschool Association.

    SJC_HomeSchooling (San Juan County Home Schooling) - General discussion group of home school issues and events in San Juan County, New Mexico.

    To Subscribe, visit San Juan County Home Schooling.

    SNMHSA (Southern NM Homeschool Association) - Welcome to Southern NM Homeschool Association, southern New Mexico's source for park days, field trips, events, cooperative learning and support for homeschoolers in the area. Include anyone homeschooling in the Deming, Las Cruces, Silver City and Lordsburg areas, as well as anyone else willing to make the trek! All ages welcome!

    To Subscribe, visit Southern NM Homeschool Association.

    SW_Eclectic_Homeschoolers (Southwest Eclectic Homeschoolers) - Southwest Eclectic Homeschoolers SW Eclectic Homeschoolers invite families in the Durango, Silverton, Cortez, Mancos, and Bayfield areas of Colorado as well as the Aztec, Cedar Hill, and Farmington areas of New Mexico to post any social or educational events or information on this site. We are a loose community of homeschoolers and unschoolers who welcome all regardless of educational methods or religious beliefs.

    The calendar is the main focus of this site. Our goal is to have a place where people in the four corners area can find other homeschoolers and unschoolers and invite others to their activities, thus creating a larger community for social interaction and education.

    To Subscribe, visit Southwest Eclectic Homeschoolers.

    WEHST (WEHST in El Paso) - West and East Home Schooling Together in El Paso is an Inclusive, Non-discriminating group of homeschooling families. Our primary focus is on the home-educated child of all ages. WEHST Members come from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles, religions and beliefs and we encourage our children to appreciate and understand those diversities. We are varied in our homeschooling styles and enjoy sharing those differences with each other. We want our Members to feel comfortable enough in their own beliefs and convictions to accept and respect all other WEHST Members and strive to create a positive environment for our children. WEHST offers weekly Park Days, Field Trips, Book Club and Co-op opportunities. We encourage our members to be active and schedule field trips and other opportunities that benefit the group.

    To Subscribe, visit West and East Home Schooling Together in El Paso.

    Western Region Unschoolers (WesternRegionUnschoolers) - The Western Region Unschoolers is a group for unschoolers who live in the Western U.S. covering: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California. This is a forum to announce and organize conferences, travel, camping, and other places to get together.

    To Subscribe, visit Western Region Unschoolers.

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