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The object of teaching a child is to enable the child to get along without the teacher. We need to educate our children for their future, not our past.
~ Arthur C. Clarke

    Utah Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters (S - Z)

    Sandy_Homeschool (Sandy Home Schoolers) - This purpose of this group is to help connect homeschoolers in the Sandy/Draper area, and to provide a forum to post activities that are closer to home, so we don't have to drive all over the valley for activities and social outlets for our children. We invite all types of homeschoolers to join including full to part time homeschoolers, old and new homeschoolers and those considering homeschooling. This group will be unmoderated unless we run into problems.

    To Subscribe, visit Sandy_Homeschool.

    servantsheartacademy (Servants Heart Academy Homeschool Group) - Welcome to the SHAHG Homeschool Group! We are based in Weber County, but all families in Utah are welcome. As veteran Homeschoolers, we are here to support and encourage all homeschooling families. SHAHG is an all inclusive group for families homeschooling, regardless of race, homeschooling style or religion. Our goal is to provide an outreach for ALL homeschoolers who want to meet others and be involved in activities together. SHAHG provides this list as a resource for their members so they can support and network with each other and receive notices about SHAHG activities as well as other homeschool resources. SHAHG will sponsor several Homeschool Teen dance activities throughout the year, as well as a Science Fair. These activities will take place at The Genesis Project in Ogden.

    PLEASE NOTE: Membership to this group is by approval and the group is moderated.

    To Subscribe, visit servantsheartacademy.

    SLC-AP-HS (AP/homeschool SLC playgroup) - This group is for moms in the SLC area to discuss meeting times and playgroups. It isn't really a discussion list, though it can be if the members start discussing. At our monthly playgroups we discuss attachment parenting(babywearing, breastfeeding, cosleeping etc), childbirth(including homebirth), extended nursing(nursing past age two), and home-educating. Most of the ladies that come to the playgroup use the Thomas Jefferson Education method of home-educating.

    To Subscribe, visit SLC-AP-HS.

    SLC-HS-sports (SLC Home School Sports Club) - This is a group for The Salt Lake Home School Sports Club. We are a group of home school families that like to study different sports and play them. The purpose of this group is to let members of the club discuss ideas and see when and where events are scheduled.

    To Subscribe, visit SLC-HS-sports.

    SUHG (Southern Utah Homeschool Group) - Southern Utah Homeschool Support Group serves St. George, Washington, Hurricane and surrounding cities. We are united by the desire to provide a positive and open-minded homeschooling community for our children.

    We provide the following to support your homeschooling efforts: a community of friends for adults and children through Weekly Park Days, holiday/seasonal parties, Scholastic book orders, information about homeschooling or educational opportunities around the valley, Mom’s Night Out, monthly field trips, and more.

    We welcome everyone to our group that is willing to be open-minded and allow others to be who they are without judgment. We do not like to say we are a secular group because for many homeschooling families their faith is a large reason for home schooling. We as parents accept the opportunity and responsibility to teach our own children about differences and the appreciation of them. Having said this, we want you to understand that our focus is not on religion or politics, but simply home schooling and supporting the home schooling families that are members of our group with friends, fun, information and good times.

    To Subscribe, visit SUHG.

    TooeleHomeschoolers (Tooele Homeschoolers) - Tooele Homeschoolers is a group of friends who share concerns, questions and triumphs of home education. Monthly articles may spark discussions on topics of interest also. Please see our guidelines below.

    1. NO FLAMES OR SPAM. Please don’t send forwarded chain type e-mails. Doing so will put you on moderated status or cause you to be banned from the list.
    2. Please send all announcements for activities to the Tooele Newsletter, keeping this group free from formal announcements. This will give the group more of a question and answer atmosphere.
    3. This is intended to be a local group. There may be some discussions concerning the Salt Lake area that are applicable, but discussions should apply to local home educators. Any discussions outside of Tooele and Salt Lake areas should be carefully considered before posting.
    4. Please don’t post ANY personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. If you want to be contacted by those on the group, they should reply via e-mail. Then you can send your personal information via a message directed to that person. This is to protect you.
    5. Trim your e-mails when responding to a message. It isn’t generally necessary to quote the entire message to which you are responding. Each time you send a message to the group, Yahoo adds info to the end of that message. If you are replying, please cut this extra information out of your reply, as well as anything else that is not necessary.
    6. If you're replying to a specific person, please consider whether it is really something the entire group needs to know. If not, please send your message to the individual off list. To do this, click on the highlighted name of the individual at the top of their message

To Subscribe, visit TooeleHomeschoolers.

tweensandteens (Tweens and Teens) - This is group of homeschooled tweens and teens ages 12 and up (and their siblings) who get together for social activities. We meet in the Salt Lake area for field trips, parties, high adventure, book clubs, classes, swimming and more. We meet once a month in the afternoon. This group welcomes racial, ethnic, religious, and family diversity.

To Subscribe, visit tweensandteens.

Utah-hs - This moderated list is open to all homeschoolers in Utah, regardless of religion, homeschool styles, etc etc etc. It's a great place for info on field trips, events and activities, support groups, dealing with school districts, and general homeschool questions and discussions. A bit of general info is also welcome (looking for a doctor or a recipe, selling a bit of furniture or used curriculum, etc).

Selling things - or marketing products or services, for yourself or others - should be an infrequent event for an individual, though. If you have a website where you are selling things, you are welcome to put a line or two with the url, under the signature on your posts.

Out of respect for the diverse membership of the list, religious and political discussions (and similarly charged topics) are off-limits on the list. And of course, no flaming or personal attacks. And no forwarded material - it's either a hoax or we've already seen it, probably several times. Last but not least, the list-owner runs the list, therefore she calls the shots.

If you get to feeling stymied by the rules of this list, fear not! There IS an outlet for your avant-garde posts. :-) Just go to the "Utah-hs-discussion" email list, at Utah-hs-discussion. Or, to the "Utah-HS-Politics" email list, at Utah-HS-Politics. Both of those lists allow flurries of posts on all topics, but no flaming.

To Subscribe, visit Utah-hs.

Utah-hs-discussion (Utah Homeschool Discussion Group) - This group is for all Utah homeschoolers to discuss homeschooling. All homeschool styles, religions (or no religion) are welcome. It's ok to post off topic, and all opinions are welcome. No flaming allowed, but spirited discussion is fine. Just be respectful and no foul language. No spamming, however you may include an advertisement in your signature line. For any other advertisement, please clear it with the list moderator first.

FOR NEW MEMBERS: Please be aware that all new members are moderated for a while, in order to weed out spammers. If your first messages take a while to post, it's because the list owner has to approve them. Most new members are taken off moderation within a short time.

To Subscribe, visit Utah-hs-discussion.

UtahHSPolitics (This list is open to all homeschoolers in Utah) - This list was design to provide a forum to Utah homeschoolers to discuss politics that effect them in one way or another. Please be respectful of other people's feeling and beliefs.

For more information, visit Utah HS Politics.

To Subscribe, visit UtahHSPolitics.

UtahLDSHomeschoolTeens - We are a group of LDS Homeschool Teens, who want to get together and socialize. We live in Utah, and will be posting fieldtrips, homeschool dances and other things of interest. Parents are welcome to join, and be informed about what is available for their homeschool teens in Utah; as well as post anything you have in your area. Below is a picture of my two teens at the Prom in March 2006. It was so much fun, and so crowded!!! Maybe with this group, we can crowd it even more next year!

To Subscribe, visit UtahLDSHomeschoolTeens.

Utah-LDS-hs (LDS Homeschoolers in Utah) - Welcome to the online support group for LDS homeschoolers in Utah! Come and join us if you live anywhere in Utah! This group exists to support LDS homeschoolers across the state. You don't have to feel alone when there are folks as nice as us around! :)

We hope that you will pass the word on to your friends and neighbors. We would like this list to be inclusive of LDS homeschoolers state-wide.

We look forward to many happy memories together along the homeschooling trail. Stay tuned and stay in touch.

To Subscribe, visit Utah-LDS-hs.

Utah_unschoolers (Utah Unschoolers) - Unschooling in Utah? Radical? Surely we have free thinkers in Utah, right? Join this group to foster friendships, arrange activities, and discuss area-specific outings and recommendations.

To Subscribe, visit Utah_unschoolers.

VernalHomeschool - This support group is especially for homeschooling families who live in the UHEA District of Uintah County; specifically Vernal and surrounding areas of Utah.

It is a place of friendship and respect where we can discuss our adventures in the lifestyle of Homeschooling. We will also list all field trips, park days, and other activities. Come join in the fun!!

For a *wealth* of homeschool information (including support groups, leaders and activities in other areas), please check out the home page of The Utah Home Education Association.

To Subscribe, visit VernalHomeschool.

WasatchWeb (WHEN - Wasatch Home Educators Network) - Our Mission Statement: WHEN is a network dedicated to connecting Utah Valley homeschoolers with the spirit of volunteerism by information dispersal and holding large group events to enhance the homeschooled child's educational experience.

We are located along the Wasatch Front, primarily in Utah County. Our mission is to foster "whole family" education by: 1) supporting high standards and values 2) promoting awareness, and 3) encouraging achievement. WHEN provides this list as a resource for their members so they can support and network with each other and receive notices about WHEN activities and other local activities.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership in this email list requires active membership in WHEN. For more information on how to join WHEN, please go to our website Wasatch Home Educators Network.

To Subscribe, visit WasatchWeb.

Webercountyhomeeducation (Weber County (Utah) Home Education) - This group is for dicussing, planning, and scheduleing Weber County, Utah Home Education Activities, Co-ops, Playgroups, Etc. Also for a resource to find information and resources to teach your children in the Weber County Area.

To Subscribe, visit Webercountyhomeeducation.

Western Region Unschoolers (WesternRegionUnschoolers) - The Western Region Unschoolers is a group for unschoolers who live in the Western U.S. covering: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California. This is a forum to announce and organize conferences, travel, camping, and other places to get together.

To Subscribe, visit Western Region Unschoolers.

WestJordanHS (West Jordan Homeschoolers) - This support group is especially for homeschooling families who live in the UHEA West Jordan Districts (84084 & 84088 UT zip codes) and South Jordan (84095) -- but all are welcome!

It is a place of friendship and respect where we can discuss our adventures in the lifestyle of Homeschooling. We will also list all field trips, park days, and other activities. Come join in the fun!!

For a *wealth* of homeschool information (including support groups, leaders and activities in other areas), please check out the home page of The Utah Home Education Association.

To Subscribe, visit WestJordanHS.

WestValleyHS (West Valley Homeschool) - This support group is especially for homeschooling families who live in the UHEA West Valley Districts of the 84119 and 84120 zip codes -- but all are welcome!

It is a place of friendship and respect where we can discuss our adventures in the lifestyle of Homeschooling. We will also list all field trips, park days, and other activities. Come join in the fun!!

For a *wealth* of homeschool information (including support groups, leaders and activities in other areas), please check out the home page of The Utah Home Education Association.

To Subscribe, visit WestValleyHS.

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The First Americans: Prehistory - 1600
A History of US, Book 1

Joy Hakim
"A big breath of fresh air and the best possible news for the youngsters who get to read them." reviews David McCullough

Backroads of Utah
Your Guide to Utah’s Most Scenic Backroad Adventures

by Theresa A. Husarik
Backroads of Utah takes you to every corner of this spectacular state, from Dinosaur National Monument to Rainbow Bridge, from historic squares to outlaw hideaways, from the vaulting natural arches of Arches National Park to the exquisite formations in Timpanogos Cave.

Home Learning Year by Year
How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School

by Rebecca Rupp
A structured plan to ensure that your children will learn what they need to know when they need to know it, from preschool through high school. Based on the traditional pre-K through 12th-grade structure.

Family Matters
Why Homeschooling Makes Sense
David Guterson
Guterson, a high school English teacher and renowned author, makes a well-reasoned case for accepting parents as their children's chief educators after a year homeschooling his own child.

Roadside History of Utah
by Cynthia Larsen Bennett
"This book is just the ticket for history buffs exploring the state, a real Baedeker to toss into the car. But it is also well worth the reading while only cruising about in your favorite armchair.”

A History of Utah’s American Indians
by Forrest S. Cuch
Forrest S. Cuch, the editor of this book, was born and raised on the Uintah and Ouray Ute Indian Reservation in northeastern Utah.

A Patchwork of Days
Share a Day with 30 Homeschooling Families
Nancy Lande
What better way to create your homeschool than reading about others and picking and choosing the styles that appeal to you? Lande has corralled a variety of homeschoolers and, with some deft editing, allowed them to speak for themselves.

In Their Own Way
Discovering and Encouraging Your Child’s Multiple Intelligences
by Thomas Armstrong
Children learn in multiple ways, and educator Thomas Armstrong has shown hundreds of thousands of parents and teachers how to locate those unique areas in each of our children where learning and creativity seem to flow with special vigor.

Best Hikes with Children: Utah
Best Hikes with Children Series

by Maureen Keilty
Perfect for families, seniors, or anyone looking for an easy hiking experience, Best Hikes with Children in Utah features hikes in all of Utah’s varied landscapes. Keilty offers trip-enhancing tips on the best times to hike, how to motivate kids, and ways to encourage environmental awareness and safety.

Roadside Geology of Utah
Roadside Geology Series

by Halka Chronic
A riveting account of the forces that made the brilliant cliffs, mountains, and canyonlands we see today. The author's smooth prose brings the rocks of Utah and their long history into sharp and enjoyable focus.

The Scrambled States of America
by Laurie Keller
Books that claim to "make geography fun" usually have to be taken with a dose of skepticism: so often, the teaching is there and the entertainment isn't. This delightfully quirky and original book shows how it should be done. Readers will unwittingly learn more than they bargained for about the (finally) United States, while poring over the endless witty remarks exchanged over state lines.

Homeschool Your Child For Free
More than 1,200 Smart, Effective, and Practical Resources for Home Education on the Internet and Beyond

by LauraMaery Gold
For Families Who Want to Splurge on Education but Scrimp on Spending.

For The Children’s Sake
Foundations of Education for Home and School

by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
A book about what education can be--for your child, in your home, and in your school. It is based first on a Christian understanding of what it means to be human--to be a child, a parent, a teacher--and on the Christian meaning of life. At the same time it is deeply practical.

A Is For Arches
A Utah Alphabet
by Becky Hall
"(Hall) takes readers on the journey with her as she writes about one unique aspect of Utah for every letter."

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