North Alabama Christian School is an Alabama church (cover) school for homeschoolers. North Alabama Christian School, based in Valley Head, provides statewide coverage for those wishing to home educate.

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The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    North Alabama Christian School

    Contact info:
    Telephone: 256-657-1218
    FAX: 256-657-1069
    Administrator's Name: Sandra Summerford
    Website URL: North Alabama Christian School
    Location (mailing address): 5651 AL Hwy 40, Valley Head, AL 35989
    Office hours (for phone contact): Mon, Tues & Thursday, 1 -5pm

    Sponsoring church: Friendship Missionary Baptist

    Enrollment area: Statewide

    Statement of Faith: not required

    HSLDA: not required

    General description (or Mission Statement): We Homeschool our children to try and give them the best education possible.

    Requirements: you may use any curriculum you wish to use. You must Homeschool 150 days per year. Field Trips, Homeschool meetings and any other Educational Adventure is counted as a School Day. You must report grades and attendance record once a year, due August 1st which is also when you must be enrolled by for the new school year if you are already enrolled with us. We accept new students anytime throughout the school year. We have a monthly Homeschool meeting which you are encouraged to attend.

    Fees: Our enrollment Fee $125.00 Per family per family. Seniors must pay an additional $125.00 to cover cap, gown, tassel, etc.

    Services: We have monthly meetings as a means of support, field trips & diplomas.

    Additional Info: We have a Fall Festival, Christmas Party, Valentine Party or Dance, meetings outdoors during warm weather, a statewide Prom and a statewide Homeschool Day. We also have a dress code for any meetings or outings which includes: no skirts shorter than 4 inches above the knee, no shorts shorter than 5 inches above the knee, no see-thru, tight or low-cut blouses. We ask that each of you dress and act in a manner that is respectful to others. Parents/Guardians are responsible for your child/rens behavior. If your child doesn't behave at outings or meetings, you will not be invited the next time. There is no smoking allowed around any of the other parents or students as we have several who are allergic to cigarette smoke. This is a Christian Group, therefore you are asked to be respectful in appearance and speech.

    Information here last verified on 07/24/13.

    The church school listed here provided with this description. Should you have questions about this church school, please use the contact information in the above description. If you discover that the contact information is no longer valid, please e-mail at No permission is given to use this description elsewhere. Please contact the individual church school if you wish to use their description for your own personal web site or publication. does not endorse any church school. Inclusion here is solely for informational purposes. urges those searching for a church school to familiarize themselves with the laws governing church schools in Alabama (since we "homeschool" under the church school laws, rather than a homeschool law in Alabama). You can read those laws here:

    The Code of Alabama 1975

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