Point of Praise Academy is an Alabama church (cover) school for homeschoolers. Point of Praise Academy, based in Dothan, provides local coverage for those wishing to home educate in the Wiregrass area, Southeast Alabama.

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The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Point of Praise Academy

    Contact info:
    Telephone: 334-791-9354
    E-mail: admin@pointofpraiseacademy.com
    Administrator's Name: Ashley Whaley
    Website URL: Point of Praise Academy
    Location (mailing address): P.O. Box 8033 Dothan, AL 36304
    Office hours (for phone contact):

    Sponsoring church: Point of Praise Church

    Enrollment area: Dothan, Wiregrass area, Southeast Alabama

    Statement of Faith: Required

    HSLDA: Required

    General description (or Mission Statement): The mission of Point of Praise Academy is partnering with parents to aid them in their God given responsibility to teach their child in a Godly and responsible manner. Point of Praise Academy is here to support and encourage parents as they work to make the best educational choices for their children.

    Requirements: Three mandatory meetings a year. 160 attendance days. Grades & Attendance must be turned in twice a year.Parents can choose their own curriculum.

    Fees: enrollment is $100 tuition yearly per family ($10 extra fee for online grade and attendance reporting).

    Services: Field trips, park days, promotion certificates, transcripts, Graduation ceremony, diplomas, Dual Enrollment at Wallace College or Troy University

    Additional Info: Must contact by email or phone. Administrator does not have an office located at the church.

    Information here last verified on 11/09/2015.

    The church school listed here provided LeapingFromTheBox.com with this description. Should you have questions about this church school, please use the contact information in the above description. If you discover that the contact information is no longer valid, please e-mail LeapingFromTheBox.com at admin@leapingfromthebox.com. No permission is given to use this description elsewhere. Please contact the individual church school if you wish to use their description for your own personal web site or publication.

    LeapingFromTheBox.com does not endorse any church school. Inclusion here is solely for informational purposes.

    LeapingFromTheBox.com urges those searching for a church school to familiarize themselves with the laws governing church schools in Alabama (since we "homeschool" under the church school laws, rather than a homeschool law in Alabama). You can read those laws here:

    The Code of Alabama 1975

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