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~ Alec Bourne

    General Homeschool (Unschool) FAQS

    Disclaimer: The following is based upon my personal experience and those individuals I have come in contact with. In no way should any information on this site be considered legal advice. I urge everyone to familiarize themselves with the homeschool (education) laws of their individual state and to seek out other web sites pertaining to homeschooling in their individual state. Ann Zeise's A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling site has a wealth of links to individual state laws and support groups. Do not rely solely upon what you find here!

    • I have been unable to locate homeschoolers in my area. Can you help me?
      Some of the best ways to find local homeschoolers are:
      • Join some e-mail lists for your state/locality
      • Watch for notices at libraries/town bulletin boards/newspapers for homeschooling Park Days or seminars
      • Ask at the local library if they know of any homeschoolers. They might even have a contact person you can call.
      • If you see a family out and about during the school day - say shopping or the library - be brave! Walk right up and ask if they are homeschoolers!

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    • What is HSLDA?
      HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association is a very controversial organization amongst homeschoolers. Some swear by them and would not think of homeschooling without being a member of HSLDA, while other homeschoolers swear at them and wish they would stay out of the legislative arena.

      You will need to make up your own mind how you feel about HSLDA and whether you wish to be a member or not. I have provided a few links to info about HSLDA:

      Other alternatives to HSLDA include hiring your own lawyer (try to find one that is familiar with the education laws of your state), Rutherford Institute, and the Southeast Law Institute. Also, check with your local Libertarian Party for information about lawyers who take an interest in civil rights cases and cases of personal liberties and freedom.

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    • I am a music (art, etc.) teacher looking to tutor or hold classes or otherwise instruct homeschool students. How do I let homeschoolers in my area know I am available?
      Several options are available:
      • Post notices at the local library
      • Put an ad in your local newspaper
      • Post notices at music stores or art stores or book stores
      • Contact the list owners of homeschool e-mail lists for your particular state and ask if you can post your info to that list (just joining the list to post your info without asking first is taken as spam and you will likely be banned from the list). You can find listings of various state homeschool e-mail lists in the E-lists Section.

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