Pathways Academy is an Alabama church (cover) school for homeschoolers. Pathways Academy, based in Gadsden, provides statewide coverage for those wishing to home educate.

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The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Pathways Academy

    Contact info:
    Telephone: 256-494-1600
    Administrator's Name: Darlene Harcrow and Kathy Hayes
    Website URL: Pathways Academy
    Facebook URL: Pathways Academy Facebook Page
    Location (mailing address): PO Box 411 Gadsden, AL 35901. Resource Center located at 1766 Hwy 77, Southside, AL 35906.
    Office hours (for phone contact): 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Thursdays only.

    Enrollment area: statewide

    Statement of Faith: not required

    HSLDA: not required

    General description (or Mission Statement):

    Requirements: 140 days for K-8; 180 for grades 9-12
    Two progress reports annually
    Learning plan submitted each fall
    All methods welcome
    Working and single parents welcome All faiths accepted
    Three diplomas

    Fees: $25 application fee
    Upon acceptance, one time registration fee of $50 and $125 tuition annually -- per family, not per child.

    Services: Resource center, co-op classes, lending library, diplomas, transcripts, field trips, park days.

    Additional Info: Pathways Academy now has a CURRICULUM CORNER offering used homeschool curriculum, manipulatives, and teaching resources. It is open to all homeschoolers one day a week on Thursday afternoons from 11am-4pm at our Resource Center.

    Information here last verified on 02/06/2021.

    The church school listed here provided with this description. Should you have questions about this church school, please use the contact information in the above description. If you discover that the contact information is no longer valid, please e-mail at No permission is given to use this description elsewhere. Please contact the individual church school if you wish to use their description for your own personal web site or publication. does not endorse any church school. Inclusion here is solely for informational purposes. urges those searching for a church school to familiarize themselves with the laws governing church schools in Alabama (since we "homeschool" under the church school laws, rather than a homeschool law in Alabama). You can read those laws here:

    The Code of Alabama 1975

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