Homeschooling and Unschooling email lists, support groups, message boards, forums and newsletters for those practicing home education in Oklahoma, including the Cherokee Nation, Choctaw, Edmond, Enid, Fort Smith, Harrah, Lawton, Lexington, Medford, Mustang, Newalla, Norman, Oklahoma City, the Ozark area, Purcell, Stillwater, Sallisaw, Spencer, Tahlequah, Tulsa, Wagoner, and Yukon. Make new friends. Share resource ideas and curriculum / textbook information.

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A student should not be taught more than he can think about.
~ Alfred North Whitehead

    Oklahoma Email Lists, Support Groups, Message Boards, Forums and Newsletters
    G - N

    GCHERO (Green County HERO Tulsa Homeschool Group) - Welcome to GREEN COUNTRY H.E.R.O. (Home Educator’s Resource Organization) - A Tulsa Area Homeschool Support Group

    We are an inclusive, Christian group, which simply means that our entire leadership team is Christian. Our membership is open to all homeschooling families.

    HERO is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization whose mission is: to represent the home school community in a manner that honors Jesus, to assist those who desire to home school, and to promote home education in and beyond our community. We offer field trips, moms’ nights out, graduation ceremonies, and support group meetings. We are affiliated with Tulsa Home Educators (THE), HERO of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation (OCHEC), and Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

    We serve Tulsa and the surrounding areas of Northeastern Oklahoma. Our desire is to provide educational and social opportunities for homeshoolers! This is a private message board for all Green Country HERO members, who may use this board to ask questions, send links, or just talk about what is going on in their homeschool life.

    Feel free to check out our website at Green County HERO!

    To Subscribe, visit GCHERO.

    GreenCountryHSers (Green Country HSers) - Welcome to Green Country Homeschooler's home page. We are an HSing social group for HSing families in Wagoner and Muskogee counties. We are an eclectic mix of folks who homeschool in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons - intolerance is the only thing we do not tolerate. We welcome new HSer's, experienced folks, and everyone in between.

    To Subscribe, visit Green Country HSers.

    HeartOfOklahomaHS (Heart Of Oklahoma Homeschoolers) - Message and discussion list for the Heart of Oklahoma Parents as Educators Homeschool group in the Lexington/Purcell area.

    For more information, visit Heart of Oklahoma Educators Homeschool Support Group.

    To Subscribe, visit HeartOfOklahomaHS.

    homeschoolinginokcmetro (Homeschooling in OKC Metro) - Welcome! This group is based in the Oklahoma City Metro area. I wish for this to be a home to discuss homeschooling and all that comes with it! If you homeschool, you know that pretty much encompasses just about everything. Please feel free to post your ideas, tell us what you are doing, ask for ideas. Post activities/meetings that you know that are happening around the city. Plan some field trips, OR just sign up to go on a trip someone else planned! Join in on one of our 4 satellite park days each week, look forward to scrapbooking the yearbook at year's end! How about attending a mom's night out? Those are just a few of the things you will find here at homeschoolinginokcmetro. One thing you won't find is...dues. This group is free, and friendly. We are all in this together and here for a common goal, our children! I do hope you will join us, and make this group, *your group*!

    To Subscribe, visit Homeschooling in OKC Metro.

    HS-SCENE (OK HomeSchool S.C.E.N.E.) - Welcome to Oklahoma HomeSchool S.C.E.N.E. - a Sharing Community of Eclectic Natural Educators! We are a support group in the Tulsa area, but our members are not limited to Tulsa! Our goal is mutual support on the wonderful journey - the adventure! - that is teaching our own children, but also mutual acceptance, tolerance, and kindness toward each other. Whatever methods you use, whatever your family composition (single parent, same-gender parents, etc.), and whatever your religious or philosophical beliefs, make yourself at home. Jump right in and plan a park day or a field trip that fits your schedule, then let us know about it at a meeting or on the list. You're sure to find plenty of takers. By the way, our meetings will generally be held on Saturday afternoons. Please visit the SCENE website for more information!

    For more information, visit Homeschool S.C.E.N.E..

    To Subscribe, visit HS-SCENE.

    lawtonareahomeschool (Lawton Area Homeschool Family) - You have found Lawton Area Homeschool Family on Yahoo groups. We are a small group of families who have chosen to home educate our children. Most of us live in or near Lawton/Ft.Sill, in southwest Oklahoma. We meet occasionally, "in person". We also have field trips, playdates and family activites through-out the year.

    On that note, we are readily available to offer help, advice, and information to anyone who needs it, in relation to home education. If you are in the Lawton area, and feel we can be of help to you, please e-mail the group moderator Chandra for more information on the e-group at For information on our "live" meetings, you may e-mail Amy.

    All memberships must be approved by the owner or moderator. Also, in order to reduce spam or other problems, new members may be moderated for a period of time.

    We are a family friendly e-group, and as such, expect our members to keep that in mind when posting. No foul or explicit language will be tolerated. Kindness and courtesy are expected at all times, as well as respect for the diversity among us.

    Thanks for visiting. We hope we can help you along your journey in homeschooling.

    To Subscribe, visit lawtonareahomeschool.

    LIGHTofOklahomaCity (L.I.G.H.T. of Oklahoma City) - We are a home school support group in the Oklahoma City area. This e-mail group is restricted to members of this homeschool group.

    Our vision is to support families who have been called by God to home educate their children in reaching educational excellence and family wholeness.

    Our goals are to positively encourage new homeschoolers and support families currently homeschooling; to effectively promote the understanding and positive image of homeschooling; to diligently provide resources to strengthen families and their home schools; and to actively develop a Christian mindset and lifestyle among our members.

    If you are interested in our group, please come to one of our meetings. We meet the third Monday of the month (No meetings December, June, and July), at 7pm, at Antioch Christian Church, 3616 Southwest 119th Street (For the first meeting of the school year in August, we request that newcomers arrive at 6:30pm).

    Please also check out our website at L.I.G.H.T. Homeschool.

    To Subscribe, visit LIGHTofOklahomaCity.

    LizsLiszt (Liz's Liszt) - This is mostly an information group for West of Tulsa Area homeschoolers. I will post field trip ideas, activities, and information. It may also include new finds, book and movie information, cool websites and more, however, I retain the priviledge to give my opinion on a few things - if you don't like something, delete it. It is a decidedly Christian group list.

    Feel free to see a field trip idea and ask if anyone is interested. Any submissions must go through the moderator and will be screened and possibly edited before posting.

    To Subscribe, visit LizsLiszt.

    MACH_FIVE - M.A.C.H. stands for Midwest City Area Christian Homeschool group (MACH) and because we would like to reach out to the 5 areas surrounding the Mid-Del area: Harrah, Spencer, Newalla, Choctaw, and S.E. Oklahoma City we are affectionately referring to ourselves as MACH 5. Our goals are to be family oriented with an emphasis on supporting each other in the call of homeschooling. Our motto is "Speeding toward His excellence with our children where success is measured beyond a grade"

    To Subscribe, visit MACH_FIVE.

    medfordhomeschool (Medford Area Homeschool Group) - We are a group of LDS homeschoolers from the greater Medford area who meet to learn new things, go new places, and just enjoy each others company. This site is designed to coordinate meetings and share information about available homeschooling resources.

    To Subscribe, visit medfordhomeschool.

    MustangYukonHelp (MustangYukon HELP) - M.Y. H.E.L.P stands for Mustang/Yukon Homeschool Education Learning Partners. We take our name from Psalm 121:2 "My help comes from the Lord of Heaven and earth." We are a homeschool group in the Mustang/Yukon area of Oklahoma. This group is restricted to members only. Membership information can be obtained from MustangYukonHelp.

    Please contact the leadership via MustangYukonHelp for information on how to join this group.

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