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Curiosity is the first step in learning. To understand a subject well, one must first have an interest in that subject, questions that need answering, and a desire to know more. True learning does not occur when curiosity is absent.

It is my goal here to provide articles and resources that will aid you in your journey of learning, whether you are a home educator, a homeschooler, or simply desirous of furthering your own education in some way.

I hope what you find here will only intensify your curiosity and lead you to learn more!


Homeschooling … Home education … Family-based education … Relaxed schooling … Unschooling … No matter what you call it, it works!

LeapingFromTheBox.com provides a wealth of homeschool information.

  • General – General homeschool advice, resources and links for beginning homeschoolers and also home educators experiencing burnout and needing a fresh approach.
  • Methods – There are many approaches to homeschooling. If your first attempt has not worked well, maybe another method will better suit your family.
  • Unschooling – Unschooling is the method our family used in our homeschooling journey.
  • FAQs – Answers to many of the most common questions about homeschooling.
  • Books – Homeschooling and unschooling books that I personally found helpful in my quest for homeschooling knowledge and information.
  • Math – A compilation of resources that homeschoolers have found to be useful. My family has used many of these resources and others were recommended by fellow homeschoolers. Books, textbooks, computer software, board games, card games, and websites are among the resources listed.

LeapingFromTheBox.com had a special section for Alabama homeschoolers. It has moved to it’s own domain.


~ Karen


Remember to visit the Articles and Resources sections. There you will find articles about homeschooling, unschooling, and life, along with reviews on books, software, games, and other resources we have used in our homeschooling journey.

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