Exploring Space Without a Spacesuit

Right about now we all need something cool to think about. How about space? Is that cool enough?

Contributing science author Roberta Gibson provides a wealth of ideas and resources to fill hot summer days with cool space projects in her article “Exploring Space Without a Spacesuit.” 

The moon, the planets, and stars and constellations – your children will be busy exploring space all summer long.

Adding Fish To Your World

My first fish were guppies scooped from a nearby pond. It didn’t take long before I had way too many guppies and no clue what to do with them other than to release them back into the pond. If you or your child desires a fish or two, you will want to read Science Contributor Roberta Gibson’s Adding Fish to Your World for guidance. There really is a lot more you should know than just scooping up a guppy!

Science and Mealworms

Today’s updated article, The Multipurpose Mealworm, is by Roberta Gibson, an entomologist and children’s nonfiction author. Roberta is a longtime contributor to LeapingFromTheBox.com, specializing in science activities you can do at home with your children and also the occasional science book review.

You might not think of mealworms when you are considering science experiments appropriate for the home learning environment, but as Roberta says, “Mealworms are easy to obtain, easy to take care of, don’t take up much space and lend themselves to many simple experiments.”

We’ll be bringing you more of Roberta’s science articles as she has time to dust them off. And be sure to check out her debut picture book, “How to Build an Insect.”