What is Unschooling?

Unschooling goes by many different names: interest-led learning, child-led learning, self-directed learning, free-range schooling. But what do all those names mean?

Explore with me the meaning of unschooling and what an unschooling path can look like in “What is Unschooling?

Unschooling Record Keeping

Homeschool laws in many states require monthly, quarterly, or yearly progress reports. If your children are Unschoolers, how can you meet this requirement? How do you document their activities and interests when you don’t use a specific curriculum or any textbooks?

In “Unschooling and Recordkeeping” I share the system I devised to track progress and fulfill the required monthly reporting for my three unschooling children. It you find it helpful, leave me a comment!

Beginning Your Homeschooling Journey

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed the first year into your homeschooling journey. I know I felt that way. It seemed that I had more to learn during that first year than my children did!

And maybe just as much to unlearn.

In “Beginning Your Homeschooling Journey” I share some of my questions and concerns and how it all ultimately worked out. Spoiler alert – there’s a happy ending!

Holy Grail of Curricula

Is there a perfect textbook? Does it exist?

What about a curricula package? Is there a perfect choice, one that works its magic with each and every student?

Like most homeschoolers, I spent a lot of time and effort (& expense!) searching for that “Holy Grail Curricula”. Learn what I discovered was more important than any single textbook.

Review: Real Life Homeschooling: 21 Families Who Teach Their Children at Home

Karen M. Gibson reviews Rhonda Barfield’s book Real Life Homeschooling: 21 Families Who Teach Their Children at Home. A study in homeschooling and diversity, Rhonda tell the tales of 21 unique yet typical homeschool families.

Review here: https://leapingfromthebox.com/reviews/real-life-homeschooling-review/

LeapingFromTheBox 2.0

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