Exploring Space Without a Spacesuit

Right about now we all need something cool to think about. How about space? Is that cool enough?

Contributing science author Roberta Gibson provides a wealth of ideas and resources to fill hot summer days with cool space projects in her article “Exploring Space Without a Spacesuit.” 

The moon, the planets, and stars and constellations – your children will be busy exploring space all summer long.

Adding Fish To Your World

My first fish were guppies scooped from a nearby pond. It didn’t take long before I had way too many guppies and no clue what to do with them other than to release them back into the pond. If you or your child desires a fish or two, you will want to read Science Contributor Roberta Gibson’s Adding Fish to Your World for guidance. There really is a lot more you should know than just scooping up a guppy!