Unexpected Opportunities, Finding Educational Resources for Homeschoolers Within the Community

When you homeschool (or unschool), the private sector learning opportunities your children desire can often be difficult to find.  Be bold and unafraid to network with friends and fellow homeschoolers.  Unexpected opportunities await; you merely have to seek them out.


Curiosity is the first step in learning. To understand a subject well, one must first have an interest in that subject, questions that need answering, and a desire to know more. True learning does not occur when curiosity is absent.

It is my goal here to provide articles and resources that will aid you in your journey of learning, whether you are a home educator, a homeschooler, or simply desirous of furthering your own education in some way.

I hope what you find here will only intensify your curiosity and lead you to learn more!

~ Karen