Homeschooling and unschooling articles about math, science (food science, ants, insects, fish, mealworms), kindergarten, learning styles, curriculum choices, interest-led learning, American Sign Language, high school to college, record keeping, family, education, children, and much more!


That is all writing is, words strung together. Sometimes cohesively, sometimes randomly. Effective writing, though, is much, much more than just words strung together. Effective writing leaves a lasting impact upon the reader. Effective writing creates change. Change in thinking, change in action, change in lives. Collected here are articles that I believe will effect just such changes. authors write about home education (homeschooling, unschooling) and how it affects their children, their family, and even their own selves. They write about education and learning, and relate how learning becomes so intertwined with daily life that it becomes impossible to discern between the two.

Some of these articles have appeared previously in print publications, others are exclusive to I wish to thank the authors who have allowed me to publish their articles.

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~ Karen

You Might Be An Unschooler If …